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Remember The Almo

Yes I know it’s the Alamo, not the Almo. The guys at Almo have released their full length film “Comfort Zone” on to YouTube recently. If any of that sounds familiar to you it’s because I posted a quick trailer back in October. Check it out here for reference. You’re going to want to watch this on the largest screen you can get your eyes on! This whole film is a spectacle from start to finish.

These riders take you on a snowboarding journey in every which way imaginable. The team at Almo has put together one of the best looking action sport films of 2015. I want to write a lot about this but it would be a crime to waste more time reading about it, when you can just see for your self.

Here’s a list of the riders pulled from their Youtube page;
Mathieu Crépel
Victor Daviet
Victor Delerue
Pat Burgener
Enzo Nilo
Thomas Delfino
Sylvain Bourbousson
Jorn Simmen Aaboe
Boris Mouton
Sebbe Debuck
Markus Olimstad
Fred Couderc
Valérian Ducourtil
Morgan Le Faucheur
& friends…