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Pure Honeycomb Sweetness

I’m not talking about the cereal here. Ronix has dropped some serious goodness with the Honeycomb Power Tail.

Wake Surfer Ronix Honeycomb Powertail Board










The new Honeycomb utilizes cutting edge technology and materials that give it unparalleled feel and energy on the water.

Check out what our very own Zach Vollmer has to say about it.

Mitch: Zach, who wants honeycomb?

Zach: Anybody who wants a soft responsive feel from their wakesurfer.

M: That was not the answer I was looking for.  Do you not remember the cereals slogan? Who wants honeycomb? Me want honeycomb!


Awkward silence…

M: Ok, so let’s move one.  How long have you been riding?

Z: About 8 years.

M: So what makes this board special to you?

Z: It’s fast on the water, super nimble and it’s soft responsive feel.

M: Who would you recommend this board to?

Z: I would recommend this board to an intermediate to advanced rider….actually just about anybody.  It’s actually pretty gosh darn forgiving.  Depending on its size.  It comes in 3 different sizes and the one I was on is the shortest size.  So you’re going to get a quicker, snappier feel from the smaller size and obviously you’re going to get more buoyancy and flotation with a larger size but it’s going to be slower on the water.

M: Nice. So why would I want to buy this board?

Z: Why would you want this board? Again versatility…it allowed me to attack the wake as well as get lazy and still be able to get back into the sweet spot and not have to worry about hanging on to the rope.

M: Cool, last question.  Is your girlfriend single?

Z: Haha, I don’t know.  You tell me.

M: Ha just kidding.  Thanks for your time Zach!


Here’s what Ronix has to say about it.


We have messed around with different foams and fibers since we made the first compression molded surfer – but nothing before has had the energy or the feel on the water of this new Honeycomb concoction. If you are looking for more contact and feel with the water be sure to check out the latest bees knees of cores.



New for this year we took our best selling shape and added the liveliest core we have ever created – Honeycomb. The Powertail shape combines the stable aspects of a Longboard, the bottom turn drive of a Thruster, and the ability to air out like no other board you have ridden. There has never been a board with this much surface area in the tail for bigger airs off the top deck, but still has a quick rail to rail slayshyness (not really sure what that means) to it. Surfers looking for a stable shape that has the speed needed even with smaller boat wakes, and a must in the quiver for high end riders. Another reason to chase the endless summer.




-2 – 2.3” & 1 – 2.9” HOOK ALFRED FINS



Check it out in action