Ronix Eight.3 Wake Surf Shaper - What is it? - Sturtevant's Blog
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Ronix Wake Shaper Sturtevant's

Ronix Eight.3 Wake Surf Shaper – What is it?

We’re getting asked a lot of questions about this product, and as a representative of the Radar-Ronix Factory Store (Bellevue, Washington), we thought we should answer this question here on our blog.

Ronix Eight.3 Wakesurf Shaper – MSRP $599.99 – Free shipping!

What is it? It’s designed to be an easy way to create (and remove) a wake for wakesurfers. It should not be used for waterskiers or wakeboarders unless you just want to ride on one side of the boat with a giant wake behind you.

Is it easy / safe to install? Installation is really simple. All that’s required are shims and velcro. It gets installed on the opposite side of the boat where you want your wake to be created. There is no drilling or permanent installation on your boat.

What if I want to wakeboard / waterski after a wakesurf sesh? Removing the wakesurf shaper is just as easy as installing it. The shaper is held on by velcro so taking off the device is as easy as removing a pair of shoes (that have velcro on them).

Does it come with batteries? No, come on.

Does it play my favorite music? Mitch, stop. No more questions.

Well, there you have it. Any additional questions, feel free to call us! (425) 454-6465.