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Ski Boot fitting

Boot Fitting Mistakes and Why You Can’t Get the Perfect Boot Online

Hey Skiers, have you heard “Marry your boots and date your skis?”

Ski Boots hurtWhen your ski boots don’t fit right it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or how cool your skis look. Same for great snow or a bluebird day, if your feet are always cold or they just hurt those boots are dream killers!

At Sturtevant’s we have the leading boot fitters in the Northwest. The right boot can make or break any skier from experts to beginners. The more time you spend skiing, the more you know the importance of a good fit. Ski instructors see this with all ages but mostly kids. Hand-me-downs can be great but when your kid is miserable…well, so are the parents, and the rest of the class.

Your ski boots can be adjusted, punched, heated, and manipulated in ways that would surprise you. When you get the right boot and a skilled boot fitter you’ll fall in love with your boots and the value of that fit goes a long way on the hill.

Ski Boots hurtA few things we cover in our boot fitting seminar:

  1. Overall progression of boot fit philosophy
  2. Importance of stabilizing the foot (footbeds)
  3. Ability to manipulate plastics (shell)
  4. Ability to customize liners (intuition, injected, etc.)
  5. Alignment and the benefits

We love the Ski and Boarding magazines just like you. The testers give us news on the latest and greatest boot,s skis, and boards. One thing you CAN’T do though, is to get the perfect fitting boot delivered via Amazon Prime. It’s just not likely to happen so come on into the shop and meet our boot fitting experts.

atomic-livefitI had a conversation about boot fitting blog posts and learned about another problem. Some articles just don’t use the right language, or they misinterpret tech notes from the manufacturers. If you’re not an expert you may pick up the wrong boot while trying to save money or time.

Nothing beats personal attention and expertise.

Here are a few things that I came across while looking at boot fitting articles from across the country.

  • Shin Bangs
  • Skinny-legged people
  • Stock Footbeds vs Custom Footbeds (sometimes you need custom but not always)
  • Packed Out Liners
  • Bunions
  • Styloid Process
  • Pump Bump or Heel Spurs
  • Inside Ankle Rub and Pronating Ankles
  • Large Calves
  • Black Toenails

Fall in love with the right ski boots. At Sturtevant’s we have experts who can help you get the most from your boot.

Remember “Marry your boots and date your skis.”

You deserve a great relationship with your boots. We can help!

Thursday, Nov 3rd from 6-8 pm come in for our Boot Fitting Seminar.

All guests will be entered to win a Helicopter Skiing Trip from Mike Wiegele.

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