GIRO Helmets and MIPS Technology- Watch for the Upper Cut, it's a KO - Sturtevant's Blog
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GIRO Helmets and MIPS Technology- Watch for the Upper Cut, it’s a KO

When you’re on snow there’s still a choice to wear a helmet. MIPS: Multi-directional Impact Protection System.MIPS helmets

The idea came from watching the human head and they’ve created a safety solution in the helmet design. “The technology was developed by scientists at the Karolinska Hospital and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The concept is based on 19 years of academic research. Through our extensive trials, we believe that helmets equipped with this technology may provide an additional measure of protection in some impacts.

Although no two crashes are identical, two main types of force — linear and rotational — are related to the majority of brain injuries. Most real-world impacts actually subject your brain to a combination of both linear and rotational forces. Watch these animated videos to learn more.”

The 3 Main Components of MIPS Technology

In video #2 below, watch at about 3 minutes for the boxing scene “boxers hitting each other minute after minute but then suddenly they get the upper cut… they get the rotation of the head and that’s always the Knock Out hit.”

The Upper Cut makes a clear statement for MIPS (video play at 3 minutes)

So if you are interested in protecting yourself or your kids come in and try out MIPS technology. For men and women and children.

MIPS helmet for menMIPS helmet for women

Your 2 Milliseconds; Linear Forces vs Rotational Forces

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