Classic Northwest Requirements: Waterproof, Breathable and Comfortable - Sturtevant's Blog
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Classic Northwest Requirements: Waterproof, Breathable and Comfortable

Jack Wolfskin USA | Sturtevant;s

We’ve brought in one of the most popular European brands with functionality and great value. Jack Wolfskin… with products designed to protect, keep you warm and dry, while being comfortable and reliable at the same time.

TEXAPORE is JACK WOLFSKIN’s weather protection technology. TEXAPORE materials are always waterproof, windproof and breathable. TEXAPORE materials feature a sturdy combination of upper material and a weatherproof layer. This weatherproof layer may be a microporous coating, a non-porous membrane or a combination of both.

Jack Wolfskin Exolight Range Jacket

Exolight Range Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Grassland Hybrid Jacket

Grassland Hybrid Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Dealers USA

Exolight Peak Jacket

Jack Wolfskin Waterproof Pants

Exolight Slope Pants

Founded in 1981, Jack Wolfskin in the Germany the brand features high performance materials, comfort, and sustainable product design.


In 2008, Jack Wolfskin began the process of switching entirely to green electricity for their power supply. Along with reducing energy consumption, they are focusing on using renewable energy. In 2012 all locations in Germany/Austria and Switzerland use exclusively green energy.


Jack Wolfskin is a member of Fair Wear Foundation and was awarded Leader status meaning they show best practices in areas such as living wages and freedom of association.


All materials used in Jack Wolfskin products are selected from an ethical point of view and produced as sustainably as possible. Jack Wolfskin makes great efforts to design apparel that is not only comfortable, simple and easy to wear, but which also complies with the highest safety standards. Read more about Jack Wolfskin’s Philosophy

Waterproof, windproof and breathability

Deciphering the technology of outdoor apparel can get complicated. The most important consideration is how and where you use your layers. A jacket that’s 100% waterproof would be like wearing a scuba diver’s dry suit. If nothing gets in, then nothing gets out…and that’s sweat that can’t escape.

Breathability explained

For example “Gore-Tex is a waterproof, breathable fabric membrane and registered trademark of W. L. Gore and Associates. Invented in 1969, Gore-Tex is able to repel liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through, and is designed to be a lightweight, waterproof fabric for all-weather use.” A 10,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 10,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in. The higher the number, the more waterproof the item will be. Gore-Tex®, for example, has a waterproof rating of 28,000mm.

When we are active, we sweat and create a moist atmosphere inside the garment we are wearing, and as activity increases, moisture from sweat builds up inside the garment. This moisture is a problem as not only does it make us more uncomfortable, it also increases the potential to overheat while active, and at rest can cause us to get cold.

Water resistance and breathability are two forces at odds and we have many jackets that find a good balance. When you come into our stores we can help you choose the best products for your sports. Come visit any of our locations