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Powder Alert From The Grand Poobah Of Powder

Larry Schick | Ski report for Washington

We’re smelling snow very, very soon so make sure you come in before the rush. From tunes to base layers and everything in between. Plus there’s holiday shopping to do.

News from Larry Schick – December 6, 2018

“Here’s some good snow news. I have been hinting at this, but now there is more confidence this pattern will happen as the models indicate.

A major NW snow cycle will develop later this weekend and especially into next week. This is it. More ski slopes will open. I think we will see a minimum of 1-2 ft of snowfall Sunday – Thursday. I must say 2 foot plus is possible in many areas. The snow will fall with low snow levels, near 2,500ft much of the week. Confidence is high that we will receive the new snowfall, but snowfall amounts on the higher end are less certain.

However, greater snowfall amounts are on the table and reasonably possible. This is a series of storms, so we have many good chances for the snow to pile up. There will be breaks in the storm cycle, but they are difficult to time. The snowy pattern will continue until further notice.

The weekend will start with a weak system worth a trace to 1” on Saturday. Then Sunday and Monday the snow fun begins, continuing all week with snow off and on – the snowfall will really pile up.  I’ll have another update this weekend to add confidence to the forecasted snowfall amounts and make adjustments if needed.  The abundant new snowfall of next week will deepen the snowpack on more NW ski terrain. Also, expect additional NW ski areas to open for the first time this season.

One more thing. Don’t tell anybody, because it’s really beyond reliable forecast confidence, but there are some indications the upcoming pattern may last longer than five to seven days. It could be an extended storm cycle, lasting more than a week. It’s too early to tell, but there are hints in the extended forecasts that this may be a long lasting snowy pattern. The Climate Prediction Center keeps us in an above normal precipitation pattern, with more mountain snow, through Dec 19th. That is evidence this snowy pattern is committed to the NW.

Again, expect the snowfall to continue at least until late next week or beyond, with a parade of storms…and I love a parade. Especially, a powderparade! There is wide variation as to who is open or closed, when and what slopes/chairs are open. Please check ski area websites for latest updates.

Happy Holidays. Hang on, here we go….”
Your Grand Poobah of Powder
Larry Schick – meteorologist

Powder Poobah presentation:

Who: Powder Poobah readers, Woolly customers and Collective Members and Guests
What: An evening celebration of our love of snow and discussion on our winter forecast with the Powder Poobah, Woolly pop-up and Outdoor Research “Shadow Campaign” viewing
When: Monday Dec. 17th, 6:30pm-9pm
Where: The Collective Seattle, Alpenglow Side, 400 Dexter Ave N
Raffle to benefit NWAC