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New from HEAD Tennis | The Power of Instinct

We have the new HEAD Instinct series for 2019 at Sturtevant’s.


Graphene 360 forms the structural base of the racquet, strategically positioned in the shaft and extending into the racquet head. It strengthens the frame, providing greater stability and optimized energy transfer from racquet to ball – maximizing the power of your game.

See comments on each racquet from Avelyino, our tennis supervisor.

INSTINCT MP– “this is a great tweener frame. Offers great power while giving great control. With the new 360 graphene technology it softens the racquet up, making it more user friendly.”

Head Tennis Racquet 2019 Instinct MP 2019
Head tennis 2019 Instinct S racquet

INSTINCT S– “this racquet is great for people who want to swing a lighter racquet. Easier to use and offers a little bit more power with a lot of room for growth.”

INSTINCT LITE– “perfect for someone looking for a lot more power than the average racquet. It has a larger head so a bigger sweet spot. Overall this is a very easy and comforting racquet to use.”

Head racquets 2019 Instinct LITE
Tennis racquets | HEAD Instinct Power 2019

INSTINCT  POWER– “this has everything that the LITE has but amplified in every aspect. One of the lightest racquet on the market. Great for someone with a short and compact swing. Easy access to power.”

Tennis demo racquets at Sturtevant's

tennis racquet demos

Not sure which racquet is perfect for you? Try it free of charge before you buy it. The tennis department at Sturtevant’s and Ski Mart in Tacoma offer year round demo racquets in multiple sizes for nearly every model we sell.

  • Multiple grip sizes for each model
  • Racquet demos are for 2 days, free of charge
  • Each additional day is $5.00
  • Additional days cannot be applied to purchase
  • Customer is responsible for damage, loss and theft (at full price).

Since 1977 Sturtevant’s has been helping people pursue their passion in year-round sports. Come in and talk with our tennis experts. They can help you with the right grip, string, and racquet. Address and hours for  Sturtevant’s in Bellevue and Ski Mart in Tacoma.

Tennis demo racquets
tennis racquet stringing
Head tennis racquets 2019