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Season Wrap-Up! Cleaning and Storing Your Ski and Snowboard Gear

You invest a lot in your equipment and apparel so here’s our end of the season storage and cleaning list to make sure next season there aren’t any bad surprises.


Skis and Snowboards Need TLC

Tuning your skis for storage

  • Bases 
    Apply thick coat of storage wax and leave it on until next season. This wax layer will keep the bases from drying out during summer and prevent the edges from rusting. When next season starts, you’ll need to scrape everything off—be especially careful around the edges. During spring skiing especially, dirt, oils and base-clogging compounds can make their way into the snow. It is important to remove these compounds before putting your setup away for the season. If left to fester in the pores of your base, these compounds can break down the base material and make it less receptive to holding wax next season.
  • Edges 
    File off any burs or bring them in for an end-of season tune.
  • Bindings 
    (Do Not) relax binding springs or remove snowboard bindings. If you had any binding issues during the season bring them in for repair or evaluation while shops aren’t too busy.
  • Backcountry skiers, skins
    Don’t dry your skins in the hot sun, which can ruin the glue. Dry them thoroughly. If you leave skins folded together for months without the savers, you might tear the glue off certain spots when they come apart for the first time in the fall. Just like your skis, keep skins away from hot areas of the garage.
  • Storage
    Store in a cool dry place, not in a hot attic. Loosely strap your skis from base to base and place them in a natural position, with no pressure on the camber, rocker or brakes. If you use a ski/snowboard bag, make sure it’s clean inside. A strong warning: do not strap your skis in a way that compresses the camber or rocker. This can cause warping.


Come in for FREE WAX FRIDAY on April 26th.

Drop off your skis and snowboards for a coat of storage wax or if you’re not done yet, get 30% OFF Super and Basic Tunes. How does it work? We iron on a quality Swix® storage wax to clean and protect your base until next season. Come back next season and we’ll scrape it off for free. Your gear deserves some TLC. LIMIT 4 items per person, please. Available in-store only at Sturtevant’s and Ski Mart in Bellevue and Tacoma.  Store locations link 

Washing and storing your winter clothes

How to clean ski jackets and winter apparel

  • Outerwear: shells, pants and insulated jackets
    Oil and dirt interfere with the shell membrane’s ability to repel water and vent moisture. Use the Nikwax soap designed specifically for technical jackets. You can also reapply a durable water-repellency (DWR) treatment, which makes water bead up and roll off your jacket’s outer layer before it reaches the membrane. Check all pockets before washing. For grease and stains try a blend of Simple Green and dish soap. Scrub the area, rinse and then wash with the rest of your outerwear. Check the label or try a small test patch if you’re not sure about the garment. Nikwax Tech Wash
  • Down jackets
    Clean at home with Nikwax Down Wash Direct. Store your down jackets in a breathable space or hang for the off-season.
  • Wool and other base layers
    Sweaters, base layers, hats, socks neck gaiters, glove liners. You can use the Nikwax Wool Wash or any gentle laundry soap. Hang dry, lay flat or use the dryer depending on the care instructions.
  • Gloves
    Make sure gloves are dry and the inside liners or fingers are in place. Some gloves can be washed, see care instructions. Leather gloves don’t need to be washed but could use an application of leather balm.
  • Battery itemshestra heated gloves
    Don’t forget to cycle your rechargeable batteries during the off-season. Our heated brands recommend to store batteries disconnected, discharged and then recharge at half full for long term storage. Boots, heated socks, heated gloves, heated apparel. Lithium Ion cells used in heated apparel need to be stored at 25% charge or more to prevent damage to cells. Leaving batteries below 25% for extended periods of time is the primary cause of loss of performance and damage. Let us know if you have questions about your battery gear that you’ve purchased from our stores.

Sidas information link

Lenz link

Mobile Warming link

Hestra glove care link

Hotronic link

  • Beacon batteries
    Remove the batteries from your beacon. Check the manufacturer’s instructions. You don’t want the batteries to corrode and ruin your beacon. Start next season with fresh batteries. Some people suggest tossing batteries even if they’re at 75 or 50 percent to ensure you never run out of power on the trail. Check if you need to replace your old beacon with an updated, safer design.
  • Boot bags and ski/snowboard bags
    Clean out your storage bags and backpacks.
  • Storage
    While vacuum bags save space, your garments can’t breathe. Loosely pack your clean, folded garments in a plastic storage bin. Heaviest at the bottom. Make sure everything is clean and DRY.
  • Maintenance and storage
    Avoid the rush next year and bring in your gear for a tune, storage wax or any repairs that should be done. AVOID storing your equipment in hot attics. The heat can ruin the composite materials and can even lead to delamination in extreme cases. You want to pick a location that stays at room temp throughout the summer and isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Replacements
    Make a note of any end of the season sales in case you want to replace something now. Mark your calendars for our pre-season sale during Labor Day weekend. Make sure you’re on the mailing list so you know the location and any VIP events.

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Ski Mart in Tacoma at 2220 South 37th Street, #2.

Ski Mart in Bellevue will be closing for the season on May 5th, 2019.