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Women's Golf Day 2019 Sturtevant's

Women’s Golf Day 2019 – Partners with the ANNIKA Foundation

Women's golf apparel BellevueJoin us in celebrating women of all ages in golf. Women’s Golf Day is a one-day global experience for women and girls. It is a celebration of women and girls learning golf skills that last a lifetime and being part of a larger global community. Over the past three years WGD events have been held at over 900 venues in 52 countries and have delivered a golf experience to over 50,000 women and girls.

The year 2019 will reach even further with the ANNIKA foundation.

Annika Sörenstam, retired Swedish American professional golfer is regarded as one of the best female golfers in history. When she stepped away in 2008 she had won 90 international tournaments as a pro. She won 72 official LPGA tournaments including 10 majors and 18 others internationally.

As Annika explains: “Golf teaches you so much about life. It is so much more than just a game. It’s a community, it’s friendships, it’s fitness, it’s mental well-being, it’s challenging and most of all, it’s fun! I’ve been so lucky to benefit from all of these aspects of the game and would urge women and girls around the world to get involved.”


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From what started out as a labor of love for WGD founder Elisa Gaudet in 2016, the numbers of women that have been reached WGD is remarkable in itself, but with new partnerships and the potential for continued impact on women and girls all over the world, WGD 2019 is ready to raise the bar even further, as Elisa comments, “Annika continues to be a global icon and a champion for women around the world to get into to golf and succeed.

She has been a great supporter of WGD since we started out on our mission to engage, empower and support women through golf in 2016. We are thrilled to be to be able to support Annika in her goals for the ANNIKA Foundation and encourage our locations to around the globe to support women achieving and advancing through golf.”

The idea for Women’s Golf Day was born in Central Park, where Gaudet stumbled upon an event involving a massive collection of yellow yoga mats. It was a light bulb moment for a woman who had grown tired of the stale fashion shows men threw in an attempt to draw more women into golf. LINK HERE

“What I saw in the marketplace was fragmentation,” she said.

The idea of a one-day, four-hour event that was light, inviting and competition-free began to percolate. Gaudet first floated it to World Golf Foundation CEO Steve Mona in January 2016 on a bench outside the media center at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. Both private and public clubs can register to participate, as well as retail stores. The event is split between two hours of a golf-related activity and two hours of socializing.

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